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Viewing Platforms

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Sign for Our New Bellvue Park Viewing Platform


Progress Report: Platform "B" Pumpkin Point

(Correspondence to Dave Euler)

Hi Dave, further to our conversation Jack Jones and I cleared (Brushed) a pathway to the platform. The pathway, like the park area, has a covering of a Sand, Gravel mix; this is what we need to level and complete the walkway to the structure. Can you help organise this from a local contact? Two heavy planks 12' long will connect the land to the platform. I will get these from Echo Bay as we have done in the past; a couple of piers similar to the ones that support the main structure may be needed.

P.S. if you get a chance to see how things are you will notice several rocks that will need to be moved.

(Tony Walker, Aug. 13, 2009)


New Viewing Platforms Completed

The viewing platform in SSM at the Marina is complete and the city is installing a brick walkway to it from the parking lot.  I haven’t seen it yet, but it sounds good.  To find the platform, turn at the Pine street–Queen street intersection and drive or walk towards the river.  Then go to the end of the parking lot and look towards the shore and you will see it.


The viewing platform at Pumpkin Point is finished and ready for use.  It is smaller because we had to stretch the money to build it, but it will be a nice addition to our catalogue of viewing platforms.

(Dave Euler, August 28, 2008)


Progress Report: Bellevue Park Platform

     I met with Sault Ste Marie city staff yesterday to get an update on the status of the bird platform.

     City staff will build the structure at a location near the Marina which has a good view of the river.  We will pay for it using money that came to us from the Ontario government for the platform project.

     City staff will get all permits, and will insure that all the construction complies with all relevant codes.  As well, the city will assume all liability for the platform and its maintenance.

     City staff is preparing a cost estimate for the structure and will make that known to us soon.  Then we will have a short written agreement and staff will have to get Council approval, which will probably not be a big problem.

     I will sign the agreement and the platform will be built probably sometime in June.

(Dave Euler, April 19, 2008)





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