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Upcoming Outings

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Green frog - Val Walker


COMING UP WEDNESDAY JULY 1st - Canada Day 2020


Celebrate Canada's biodiversity and join the collective effort across the country to observe and submit as many species of wild animals, plants and fungi as possible on Wednesday July 01.

All observations must be accompanied by a photo or sound as well as location coordinates for submission. Most cell phones will georeference your photos. If you cannot identify your species observed (but please try), submit anyway and the iNaturalist community will identify the species for you.

So get out this Canada Day to your backyard, favourite hiking trail, lakeshore or wetland with your cell phone or camera and record your nature observations for this year's challenge.


For more information on this year's Canada Day Biodiversity Challenge see: Canada 153 Bioblitz - Canada Day Biodiversity Challenge 2020



Current Outings and Opportunities

Go to Where We Meet for a map and directions to the meeting sites. 




With the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, all outings are cancelled until further notice.

Please watch this site for updates.


Point Pelee Birding in Early MayCANCELLED Four days of camping (or B&B) at the height of the songbird migration, in one of North America’s premier birding locations. Because camping is limited on the Point, this must be planned many months in advance. Dates cannot be finalized until early February. Limit of 20 campers. If you are interested please call the leaders by the end of January. All welcome. No experience necessary.

Don or Vivian Hall 705-248-1834 donandvivhall@sympatico.ca



Important Notice to Outing Leaders 

Non-members need to sign a waiver form in order to participate in our outings, so it is the responsibility of each outing leader to take a copy of the Non_Member Field Trip Waiver_2020.pdf  on each outing, obtain the signatures of any nonmembers, and turn in the form to the Field Trips Coordinator. It is also the responsibility of the outing leader to determine that all participants understand the terms of the waiver and that they are physically able to participate.  The leader should exclude from participation persons who seems incapable of meeting the demands of a particular outing or are unable to take responsibility for themselves and their safety for the duration of the outing.

     If anything significant about your outing changes (date, destination, etc.) or if you need to cancel it, please make the changes to your outing's description below or contact Val Walker (705-253-7044; valwalker8@yahoo.ca) to post the changes.


Important Notice to Outing Participants

1) Please contact trip leaders before each outing. See the Outing Guidelines for more information about outing protocol. If carpooling, please consider assisting the driver with gas costs.

2) There have been cases in the past of outing participants picking wildflowers. Note that with rare exceptions, damaging living things is forbidden. See this Message for details

3) Please see the new Cycling Guidlines 2019.pdf for group cycling. Chuck Miller has composed a list of cycling tips to keep everyone safe on our club rides. 


Wanted! Outing Reports

ALL SAULT NATURALISTS MEMBERS are invited to contribute outing reports and photos for posting on the SooNats web site. Send your contributions to Val Walker at valwalker8@yahoo.ca. Other members enjoy hearing about our outing experiences, especially those members who can no longer participate in the club's outdoor activities.


Scheduled and Unscheduled Outings

Click on the following link to download a copy of the current Outing Schedule. For those weekends when no outing is scheduled, call Ron Prickett (705) 254-1533 or Val Walker (705) 253-7044 to see if an impromptu outing may be planned. Click here to submit your Ideas for Future Out 








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