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Upcoming Outings


You can access any of the outing related pages by clicking on one of the links below. Alternatively, click on the Outings folder in the Navigator box to your right.


Upcoming Outings


Outing Reports - 2019

Outing Reports - 2018

Outing Reports—2017

Outing Reports—2016

Outing Reports—2015

Outing Reports—2014

Past Outing Reports 


 Outing Guidelines

 Cycling Guidelines 

 Outing Opportunities 

 Where We Meet

 Submit your Ideas for Future Outings










    Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore


Outings or Field Trips?


The Executive has decided that Outings shall henceforth be called "Field Trips," and recent Outing Schedules have adopted that terminology. The Wiki Administrator does not disagree with this decision, but notes that changing "Outings" to "Field Trips" wherever it appears on this wiki would involve considerable time and effort, because it requires searching for and changing many links as well as text. Therefore "Field Trips" will continue to be called "Outings" for the time being.


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