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This page will include information about favorite outing sites and possible sites for future Sault Naturalists outings. To enter information about your favorite sites:

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Mazatlan Province, Mexico

Harvey Robbins traveled with Ida and friends to Mazatlan this past February and thought some Sault Naturalists members might consider a trip there. Click on Birding in Mazatlan to download an account of their journey.

(April 17, 2009)


The following descriptions are from the Little Traverse Conservancy's website, suggested by Carl Linhart (Dec. 23, 2008). For trail maps click on http://www.landtrust.org/LatestNews/ and select Winter Parking & Trails.


Round Island Point

(1,024 acres)

This winter (2008-9), a couple of neighbors will be plowing the access road to just inside the Preserve boundary on Winding Ridge Drive (the West side of the Preserve). The access drive will not be plowed all the way to the trailhead (1/4 mile beyond the limit of this winter's plowing), because of costs this year. But you can still hike in on the road and enjoy this trail system. The viewing platform and north part of the loop trail provide excellent views of Round Island Point itself, the St. Mary's River, and the hills of Canada.


Birge Nature Preserve

(435 acres)

Last September (2008), a new two-mile loop trail was created at the 435-acre Birge Nature Preserve located southwest of Hessel. The new trail complements an existing short trail leading to an overlook at Loon Lake. The trail follows the route of the " Old Wheel Road," an old logging road reported to be the first road constructed for wheeled vehicles in the Les Cheneaux area. It then winds through a dense conifer swamp, looping at the far end through a rocky upland. The trail runs through great wildlife habitat, giving visitors opportunity to see deer, grouse, snowshoe hare, and a variety of birdlife. Volunteers will be grooming the trails for snowshoeing and skiing during the winter 2008-09 season.


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