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Outing Guidelines

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    Outing Guidelines: Sault Naturalist Club


• Please register for all outings by calling the trip leader. 

• Non- members are required to complete and bring to the outing a field trip waiver prior to participating. The waiver can be found: HERE  

• Be realistic regarding the nature of the outings and your physical capabilities. 

• Dress for the weather and terrain with appropriate clothing and footwear. 

• Bring snacks, lunch and water. 

• Insect repellent is recommended for trips in May and June.

• Refer all questions and requests for transportation to the trip leader. 

• If carpooling, please assist the driver with gas costs. 

• Inform your leader ahead of time if you have to leave early, or make any changes to the plan or schedule while on the trip. 

• Be aware of those in front and behind. Keep the group together. 

• Follow the leader. 

• Unless the outing leader indicates otherwise, picking or otherwise damaging living things is not permitted. Leaders may make exceptions in cases like invasive species, small portions of large plants or fungi.

• Please leave pets at home.

• Take out all garbage.

• Do not trespass











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