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Mushroom Links

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Mushroom Clubs, Organizations


North American Mycological Association

An organization of amateur and professional mycologists with more than 60 affiliated local mycological clubs throughout North America. NAMA's mission is "to promote, pursue, and advance the science of mycology. Sponsors mushroom forays and photo contests, issues a bi-monthly newsletter, provides educational material, etc.



Mycological Society of America

A scientific society dedicated to advancing the science of mycology - the study of fungi of all kinds including mushrooms, molds, truffles, yeasts, lichens, plant pathogens, and medically important fungi.



Mycological Society of Toronto

A club for amateur mycologists and others with an interest in wild mushrooms and other fungi. Activities are open to members and one-time guests.  The club sponsors many mushroom forays, including the annual Cain Foray, which has been held in the Muskoka region in recent years. It also publishes a quarterly newsletter, Mycelium.



The Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club

Based in southeast Michigan.



Information, Descriptions, Photos



An “on-line mushroom museum;” very useful site for the amateur mushroom hunter. Many mushroom-hunting resources including keys to mushroom identification, recipes, photos, book reviews, and a number of useful links to other fungal web sites.



Mushroom World

Mushroom World is a resource for mushroom information, including information about the current mushroom of the day. You can search for mushrooms in their database and discuss fungi on the forums.



Tom Volk Fungi

A quirky but fascinating site that features a mushroom of the month and provides a wealth of fungal information and photos. Includes an illustrated introductory course on the fungi.



Kingdom of Fungi

Taylor Lockwood’s web site. Source of mushroom videos (including "The Mushroom Identification Trilogy"), books, photos, posters, and other mushroom-related items.


Check out Lockwood's new Mushroom Species Index, which has some amazing photos, at:



Northeast Mycology Foray (NEMF)

A treasure trove of information for amateur mushroom hunters as well as professional mycologists. Includes collecting guidelines, checklists, field keys, slide lectures, lists of mushroom related websites, photos. Also provides information about mushroom forays sponsored by NEMF, poisonous mushrooms, and mycophagy (eating mushrooms) with recipes.




Michael Kuo’s website. Includes information about collecting mushrooms for study, making spore prints, determining odor and taste, identifying mushrooms, chemical tests (including tests for amatoxins), pronouncing Latin names, preserving specimens, using a microscope, mushroom taxonomy, mushroom photography, mushroom edibility, mushroom toxins, and eating wild mushrooms. Also provides detailed descriptions and photos for 700+ mushrooms and keys to individual groups of mushrooms.



Roger's Mushrooms

A superb source of mushroom photos and information from Roger Phillips, author of Mushrooms and Other Fungi of North America. Intended to be the most complete collection of photographs from both sides of the Atlantic ever assembled. The site already includes over 3000 images, including those found in Phillip’s book and many that are not. The site also includes mushroom recipes, such as “baked cep (Boletus edulis) stuffed with haggis,” a useful glossary of terms, and a global mushroom chat room.



Fungi.ca: A Canadian Mycological Resource

Provides a Canadian focus on fungi and mycological issues. Includes a list of mycological associations, information on mushrooms and mushroom poisoning, lists of commercial sites, etc.



Mushroom Observer

The purpose of the site is to record observations about mushrooms, help people identify mushrooms they aren't familiar with, and expand the community dealing with the scientific exploration of mushrooms. The site includes useful distribution maps for some species.



Google Directory: Mycology Links

Provides several thousand links to websites related to mycology; for example there are 21 sites on cultivating edible fungi. The main page includes 29 general sites listed in Google’s page rank order (they can also be listed alphabetically).



Science Sites: Mycology

Lists mycology sites, ranked on a 4 star basis.



CalPhotos: Fungi

Contains about 2700 photos of fungi, often with several images of each species. For example, there are 20 photos of Armillaria mellea, (the honey mushroom) alone.



The Fifth Kingdom

An online supplement to Bryce Kendrick’s mycology textbook The Fifth Kingdom. Includes pictures, animations, and some full-text chapters.



Introduction to the Fungi

A good place to learn more about mushrooms and other fungi.



Natural Perspectives: The Fungus Kingdom

Gives a basic introduction to fungus taxonomy with good photos.



The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology

Internet resources for amateur mycophiles as well as professional mycologists, including regional field guides and inventories; lists of suppliers; and information sources on mushroom identification, mushroom culture, taxonomy of the fungi, collections of fungi, etc.



Fungi Perfecti

Kits and spawn for growing your own “wild” mushrooms. Mushroom books, medicinal preparations, gifts, etc.



Fungi Fest

Mushroom-related news, mycology events, mushroom festivals, recipes, and more.





Michigan Morels

Information about finding, identifying, collecting, and preserving morels.



Morels of the Upper Peninsula

Information from Nancy Smith Weber’s A Morel Hunter's Companion: A Guide to True and False Morels, with photos.



The Great Morel

Said to be the most resourceful compilation of information regarding the morel mushrooms on the net. Includes photos, recipes, FAQs, and links to other morel sites.




Information about the National Morel Mushroom Festival, held annually in Boyne City, Michigan.




Mushroom Poisoning


Poisonous and Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

Describes many North American poisonous mushrooms and their symptoms.



Mushroom Poisoning Case Registry

North American Mycological Association site to collect and disseminate data on mushroom poisoning in North America. The place to report incidents of mushroom poisoning.



Regional Web Sites—Canada


Nancy Ironsides Site

Database of information about the mushrooms of Manitoulin Island and Vicinity.



Regional Web Sites—U.S.


Michigan Morels

See under "Morels."



Morels of the Upper Peninsula

See under "Morels."




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